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    Vanillin prevents psoriasis

    From baked goods to perfumes ,small amounts of artificial vanilla extract, also known as vanillin, are in a wide range of products. But vanillin’s versatility doesn’t stop there. In a recent  study it was reported in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,  that this compound could also prevent or reduce psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disorder that affects about 125 million people worldwide, results in scaly red plaques that typically show up on the elbows, knees or scalp. Immune system proteins called interleukins (IL) 17 and 23 are known to be key players in the development of the condition. Intersting fact is that  vanillin can have effects on different interleukins that are involved in other inflammatory conditions and diseases. So, Chien-Yun Hsiang and Tin-Yun Ho (researchers) wanted to see if treatment with vanillin could prevent psoriatic symptoms.

    Impact of vanillin

    The researchers induced psoriatic skin inflammation on groups of mice by putting a compound called imiquimod on their skin. In addition, the mice were orally given daily doses (0, 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 milligrams/kilograms of body weight) of vanillin for seven days. Mice treated with 50- or 100-milligram/kilograms of body weight doses had reduced psoriatic symptoms compared to those receiving smaller or no doses of vanillin. In all mice treated with vanillin, IL-17 and IL-23 protein levels were decreased. The researchers say that vanillin was an effective compound against psoriatic skin inflammation in this animal model.


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    US Navy says aircraft with 11 aboard crashed into Pacific Ocean

    US Navy says aircraft with 11 aboard crashed into Pacific Ocean
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    Is there life beyond Earth???

    This is a major question which is haunting everyone in earth. Our scientists are trying to get a relevant answer for this question. Now the researchers identify an exoplanet with the same atmospheric ingredients as the earth.

    New findings:

    Name of planet – 55 Canceri e.

    Size – 2 times bigger than earth.

    Atmospheric contents – nitrogen, water molecules, oxygen.

    Temperature-higher than earth.

    NASA’s new research gives researchers vital information about the exoplanets atmosphere, their temperature variations, energy flows etc. one of the interesting specification is that the density of this exoplanet is similar to that of earth, but it is too rocky in surface.The astronomic journal published a study about this. In this study they explain that the intense heat from host star is too great to exist life. Therefore, planet could not maintain water in liquid form. These findings are based on data revealed by NASA’s Spitzer space telescope. Renyu Hu, astronomer at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory in California says that atmosphere of this exoplanet has many similarities to that of earth or Venus.

    There are many debates going on about this topic. Some scientists still arguing that lava flows through the surface of this planet and core has a surplus amount of diamond. Some says that planet will have day and night duration because it’s facing towards the host star- one cool side and one hot side. By the new data from the NASA reveals that how energy flow through the planet and how it radiates back into space. This explains the temperature difference of the planet. Researchers said that planet has a cold side and hot side. The cold side’s temperature is too hot as compared to earth’s temperature.


    Cold side average temperature- 1300-1400 degree Celsius.

    Hot side average temperature  -2300 degree Celsius.

    If there is no atmosphere ,the temperature difference will be more than we imagine.

    How scientist reached the conclusion – Spitzer telescope gave the data at june 15- july 15, 2013.with the camera which is designed for viewing and plotting infrared light. Infrared light is invisible to our eyes. It represents the heat energy. Spitzer gave energy flow models, scientists compare the data and the check the variations in brightness of these models. Thus they reached at a conclusion that this exoplanet’s atmosphere has volatile materials that could explain the temperature of the planet, behaviour of atmosphere, the chance of sustainability etc.

    The further study is in progress. We hope better always. We expect life outside earth is possible and we will find it…….

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    India’s Manushi Chhillar Won Miss World 2017: 10 Things To Know About Her

    Twenty year old Ms. Manushi Chhillar was crowned by  Miss World 2016 winner, Miss Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle,among 118 contestants from various countries at a glittering event held at Sanya City Arena in Sanya, China, on Saturday. Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico, was crowned first runner-up and Stephanie Hill, Miss England, second runner-up.

    Reita Faria was the first Indian woman to win the title in 1966. After Ms Faria, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan won the Miss World title in 1994. After that, Diana Haydon was crowned Miss World in 1997, followed by Yukta Mookhey in 1999 and Priyanka Chopra in 2000. Ms Chhillar is from the state of Haryana.  by Taboola Sponsored Links 

    10 things you should know about the new Miss World 2017

    1. Manushi Chhillar has studied medicine and she wants to be a cardiac surgeon.
    2. Ms Chhillar plans to open non-profit hospitals in rural areas.
    3. She is also an advocate for menstrual hygiene. According to news agency ANI, who spoke to Ms Chhillar’s coach Rita Gangwani, Ms Chhillar feels the issue of menstrual hygiene is very important.
    4. She studied in St Thomas School in New Delhi and Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for Women in Sonepat, Haryana, according to news agency IANS.
    5. Manushi Chhillar is a trained Indian classical singer.
    6. She also loves outdoor sports and is passionate about adventures sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and bungee jumping.
    7. Ms Chhillar’s father, Dr Mitra Basu Chhillar, is a scientist at the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

    8.Her mother Dr Neelam Chhillar is an associate professor and department head of neurochemistry at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences.

    9.Her personal mottos, are “When you cease to dream you cease to live” and “Courage to give flight to your dreams and the ability to believe in yourself  makes life worth living”.

    10. After reaching the top five, Ms Chhillar was asked during the Question and Answer round, which profession she thought deserved the highest salary and why. In her reply, she said her mother was the biggest inspiration in her life and mothers were worthy of the highest respect.



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    DNA edited in human body for the first time in medical history.

    In order to cure genetic disorder by permanently changing the human genome,scientists have edited  the DNA of a patients body for the first time in medical history.This news represents major landmark in the medical field and was reported on Wednesday by Associated Press.

    Over the past years,therapies that aim to treat disease by altering a patients genetics have made strides but typically those therapies have relied on making any genetic changes outside of the human body, then transfusing the corrected cells into the patient. While allowing doctors to ensure the treatment causes no undesired effects before being put inside a patient’s body, the approach also limits treatment to conditions like blood cancers in which cells can easily be altered externally.


    The AP reports which on Monday, Brian Madeaux ,a 44 year old man was hooked up to an IV that delivered billions of copies of a corrective gene into his body .With this corrected gene, his body should be able to produce crucial enzyme.

    The first-of-its-kind therapy is made by Sangamo Therapeutics. Madeaux was treated at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland. He’s only the first patient in a clinical trial using the zinc finger nucleases technique (an older alternative to CRISPR) to treat Hunter syndrome. Two additional trials are underway that use the same liver-targeted genome editing strategy to treat hemophilia B and a condition called Hurler syndrome.

    The AP reported that only 1 percent of Madeux’s liver cells would need to be corrected in order to effectively treat the disease. In three months, they’ll know for certain whether it’s working.But, as will any new technology, there still could be unforseen consequences.


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    You’ll Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Ginger. It can Cure CANCER

    Ginger cures cancer

    Turmeric is famous for killing cancer cells, but new research found  that its cousin ginger is just as powerful to cure cancer. An active compound in ginger has found to be more effective than some cancer medications at killing cancer cells.

    ginger kills cancer cells Cure CANCER

    Ginger Power

    Georgia State University once conducted a study and found that by 56% in mice ginger extract was able to reduce the size of a prostate tumor and also ginger was also observed to reduce inflammation and supply the mice with life-enhancing antioxidants.

    PLoS conducted another study and found that a particular component in ginger, 6-shogaol is superior to chemotherapy, at targeting the cause of breast cancer malignancy: breast cancer stem cells.

    Sometimes it is referred to as ‘mother cells’.Cancer stem cells causes a wide range of cancers. These  cells are responsible for creating the different ‘daughter’ cell types that make up the tumor colony. While cancer stem cells only constitute 0.2% to 1% of the cell makeup of the tumor, they seem to be almost ‘immortal.’

    The only way to fully ensure that your body is cancer free is to destroy the cancer stem cells within a tumor.

    ginger kills cancer cells Cure CANCER

    This new study found that th 6-shogaol was very active when it came to anti-cancer stem behavior. This constituent is produced when the root is either dried or cooked.But there is something very specific about 6-shogaol that makes it potentially superior to some available chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

    Researchers found that these cancer-destroying effects occurred at concentrations that were non-toxic to non-cancer cells. That means that this particular component of ginger only killed cancer cells. This makes it very different from normal cancer treatments that do not show any kind of selective cytotoxicity.

    Although these researches is showing us natural medicines is very much better than modern artificial medicines.


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    Ozone hole is shrinking !!! Do you know why??

    The giant hole in the Earth’s protective ozone layer is shrinking day by day and has shriveled to its smallest peak since 1988, said the NASA scientists.

    The largest the hole became this year was about 7.6 million square miles wide, in September. But still 1.3 million square miles smaller than last year, and has shrunk more since September.

    Warmer-than-usual weather conditions in the stratosphere is one of the reason for the shrinkage since 2016, as this helped fend off chemicals like chlorine and bromine that destroy the ozone layer.

    Paul A. Newman, chief Earth scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland said that Weather conditions over Antarctica were a bit weaker and led to warmer temperatures, which slowed down ozone loss.

    The news comes just after the 30th anniversary of the hole’s discovery, which led to the 1987 Montreal Protocol — a landmark international agreement that led to major global efforts to phase out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

    Ozone layer deterioration was mainly taking place over Antarctica.

    In 2014, scientists at the United Nations credited the recovery of the ozone layer to the phasing out of chemicals used in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol cans in the 1980s. But CFCs have long lifetimes, and could still float around in the atmosphere 100 years from now.

    The ozone hole was largest in 2000, when it was 11.5 million square miles wide, according to NASA.


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    This is what happens when you click pictures of lava with a drone. And the result is mind-blowing

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    Volcanoes are the dangerous places to be photgraphed, but they are worth a whole lot of experiences. An Israel photographer Erez Maron traveled to Hawaii to try it for himself, and he captured the magnificent view of hot lava flows. But there was a price to pay – and he paid with his favorite Drone.

    He used a drone to get some aerial shots. But at one point, he got too close and the hot lava melted the plastic. Fortunately, Erez still managed to save the photos, and he kindly shared them with DIYP. And although his drone is destroyed – it was definitely worth it.

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    As Erez writes, when he and his friend arrived in Hawaii they first came to the Big Island, where they shot the lava flows of Kilauea volcano. They hiked 8 kilometers to reach the red-hot flowing lava. They were lucky – it was just outside the national park, so Erez could use his drone and get some aerial shots of this magnificent sight.

    After an hour of shooting, new lava rivers burst out of the mountainside. The red, hot flow was diverging and converging down the slopes, creating unique, abstract shapes. Erez says this truly mesmerized them, and they spent about 3 hours shooting. They managed to capture the sight in daytime, sunset and twilight.

    Since he was so drawn in by the nature’s spectacle, it took him a while to realize something strange was going on. He started to notice that the right side of the drone images was getting darker. Still, he went on shooting. This spectacle wasn’t something you see every day. But when he got back to the apartment, he was surprised by the condition of his drone. The plastic inside it had melted while he was shooting close to the lava.

    Despite the destroyed drone, Erez says it was worth it. Seeing his beautiful, abstract shots of the lava flows, I must say I definitely agree with him. Take a look at more photos below and see for yourself.

    volcano lava drone photos, meltedt drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, meltedt drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, meltedt drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, meltedt drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, meltedt drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    Now, in addition to taking aerial shots and melting the drone, Erez had a few more shooting alternatives. He shot the lava flows from a helicopter and from a boat, too, and shared the photos with DIYP. So if you enjoyed the drone photos, here are some more from other perspectives. You’ll love them, too.

    Lava photos clicked from Boat

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    lava photos clicked from Helicopter

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

    volcano lava drone photos, melted drone lava photos

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    Never Mess With Flakka And Here’s The Reasons Why

    flakka drug all about flakka zombie drug

    It goes by the name flakka. In some parts of the country, it is also called “gravel” because of its white crystal chunks because it resembles to aquarium gravel. This man-made drug causes a high headiness  similar to cocaine. But like “bath salts,” a group of related synthetic drugs were banned in 2012.Flakka has the potential to be much more dangerous than other drugs like cocaine. Flakka is typically made from a synthetic version of an amphetamine-like stimulant in the cathinone class called alpha-PVP.

    flakka drug addicts flakka side effects zombie drug

    People who use Flakka would show up cases of bizarre and uncontrollable behavior.

    Unlike any other drugs Flakka affects people in many ways . The things people do when high dose  are taken is so crazy that some of this might seem like a hyped-up scare story.

    What Type of Drug is Flakka?

    Flakka is a very powerful psychoactive stimulant that is similar to MDPV and pyrovalerone. It is abused mostly for its euphoric effect, alertness, excitement, improved productivity, strength and endurance. This compound has been available online as recreational designer drug.China is the largest exporter of this zombie drug.

    flakka drug addicts flakka side effects zombie drug

    Is This Really Makes People Move Like Zombies??

    Flakka is a dangerous drug, but it doesn’t turn you into a zombie.

    A small overdose of the drug, which can be smoked, injected, snorted or injected, can lead to a range of extreme symptoms: “excited delirium,” as experts call it, marked by violent behavior, spikes in body temperature (105 degrees and higher, Hall said)paranoia. Probably what has brought flakka the most attention is that it gives users what feels like the strength and fury of the Incredible Hulk.

    The belief that Flakka or other “bath salt” use can turn you into a zombie or cannibal appears to have been a somewhat effective deterrent against use. However, what a lot of young people don’t know is that they have been using Flakka or other “bath salts,” or both, without knowing its consequences.

    In one case, a man on flakka just started destroying his own home. He tore up the furniture and violently rammed his own body into the walls, beating himself into a bloody pulp even before the police arrived. The police had to struggle to subdue him, and by the time they did, he had died.


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    Saudi Arabia became the first country to grant its citizenship to a robot.

    We know how a robot be like. Conventionally, a robot will resembles to human in shape which is called as humanoid robots. Like humans, Humanoid robots too have a torso, a head, two arms and two legs. Sophia breaks all the features of a humanoid robot .The creator designed the outlook of Sophia resembling famous actress Audrey Hepburn. Sophia exemplifies Hepburn’s classic beauty,porcelainskin,a slender nose,high cheek bones,a convincing smile and attractive eyes that seem to change colour with light.

    Dr Hanson is former imaginer in Disney who has a great aspiration to create genius machines. It was his dream to develop machines which are smarter than humans. Hanson used artificial intelligence for robot to solve word problems which are more complex for humans.

    Sophia has artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. Sophia uses voice recognition technology from alphabet Inc. the AI program analyzes conversations and extracts data which allows her to give responses. Sophia is an evolving genius machine. Her increasing intelligence will amaze the world and connect with world inconsiderate of age, gender and culture.

    Saudi Arabia is the first country to grant its citizenship to a robot. Sophia was confirmed as a Saudi citizen during a business event in Riyadh. The country made this attempt to promote AI development in Saudi Arabia. Sophia attended many interviews so far. She even mocked one of the interviewers by addressing him as a “diehard Hollywood fan” and a “reader of Elon musk”. She reveals that her AI is designed around human values like wisdom, kindness, compassion etc.

    The decision made by Saudi Arabia caused some issues .The main issue raised by people was that a female robot achieved more rights than millions of women and refugees in the country. Famous designers like Madelline Gannon and Musk opposed this development. They suggested that rapid growth in robotics in global manufacturing will cause people’s life at risk.

    This may even led to the end of humanity and robots will gain supreme power over humanity.

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    Amazon’s new service lets strangers open your door

    amazon key service

    Amazon introduced its new service Amazon key exclusively for its prime customers in selected cities and surrounding areas. As a Prime member, get your Amazon packages securely delivered just inside your front door.

    To get the Amazon Key In-Home kit, starting at $249.99. The kit includes: the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale.

    In order to make delivery more fast and convenient Amazon launched its Prime, a subscription service that entitled members to free two-day shipping in the United States about twelve years ago.These prime members will receive the order on the same day itself .

    Then arise another problem that is you have to wait at your home till you receive the delivered item.The new service can resolve this problem completely. Amazon key will allow Amazon couriers to open your front door and put your package safely inside your home.

    The Amazon key relies on its new Cloud cam and the compatible smart lock.The camera is the hub and it is connected to the internet through your home Wi-Fi. Then the  camera can communicate to the lock over Zigbee which is a wireless protocol used by many smart home devices.

    When a courier arrives the bar code in the package will be scanned and a request will be sent to the Amazon cloud.If everything is alright the cloud will grant permission by sending a message to the camera.Then the camera turns ON and it will record automatically.

     The courier then gets a prompt on their app, swipes the screen, and voilà then the door unlocks. The delivery guy will drop off the package, relock the door with another swipe. The customer will get a notification that their delivery has arrived, along with a short video showing the drop-off to confirm everything was done properly and thus assure the security also.

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