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Never Mess With Flakka And Here’s The Reasons Why

What is flakka? why is it more dangerous? All you need to know about the Zombie Drug

It goes by the name flakka. In some parts of the country, it is also called “gravel” because of its white crystal chunks because it resembles to aquarium gravel. This man-made drug causes a high headiness  similar to cocaine. But like “bath salts,” a group of related synthetic drugs were banned in 2012.Flakka has the potential to be much more dangerous than other drugs like cocaine. Flakka is typically made from a synthetic version of an amphetamine-like stimulant in the cathinone class called alpha-PVP.

flakka drug addicts flakka side effects zombie drug

People who use Flakka would show up cases of bizarre and uncontrollable behavior.

Unlike any other drugs Flakka affects people in many ways . The things people do when high dose  are taken is so crazy that some of this might seem like a hyped-up scare story.

What Type of Drug is Flakka?

Flakka is a very powerful psychoactive stimulant that is similar to MDPV and pyrovalerone. It is abused mostly for its euphoric effect, alertness, excitement, improved productivity, strength and endurance. This compound has been available online as recreational designer drug.China is the largest exporter of this zombie drug.

flakka drug addicts flakka side effects zombie drug

Is This Really Makes People Move Like Zombies??

Flakka is a dangerous drug, but it doesn’t turn you into a zombie.

A small overdose of the drug, which can be smoked, injected, snorted or injected, can lead to a range of extreme symptoms: “excited delirium,” as experts call it, marked by violent behavior, spikes in body temperature (105 degrees and higher, Hall said)paranoia. Probably what has brought flakka the most attention is that it gives users what feels like the strength and fury of the Incredible Hulk.

The belief that Flakka or other “bath salt” use can turn you into a zombie or cannibal appears to have been a somewhat effective deterrent against use. However, what a lot of young people don’t know is that they have been using Flakka or other “bath salts,” or both, without knowing its consequences.

In one case, a man on flakka just started destroying his own home. He tore up the furniture and violently rammed his own body into the walls, beating himself into a bloody pulp even before the police arrived. The police had to struggle to subdue him, and by the time they did, he had died.


What are its side effects?

At low doses, Flakka is a stimulant with mild hallucinatory effects. Like cocaine and methamphetamine, Flakka stimulates the release of feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine and norepinephrine.The drug also prevents neurons, or brain cells, from reabsorbing these brain chemicals, meaning the effects of the drug may linger in the system longer than people anticipate.

flakka drug addicts flakka side effects zombie drug

Flakka has many bad side effects, mostly including changes in behavior or mood. Even slight overdoses of Flakka can cause the following:

  • extreme agitation,
  • jerking muscle movements,
  • delirious thoughts, and
  • often profound paranoia.

In some of the documented delusions, individuals’ experiences are of a typical paranoia, where the drug users feel they are being chased by a large group of people trying to kill them. These patients are a threat to themselves, the people around them, and the first responders (police, EMS) who are there to help them. It is common to hear reports that it takes multiple people to restrain and sedate these patients. Rescue crews and emergency department staff need to give sedatives to these patients to calm them and make them safe.



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