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Is there life beyond Earth???

This is a major question which is haunting everyone in earth. Our scientists are trying to get a relevant answer for this question. Now the researchers identify an exoplanet with the same atmospheric ingredients as the earth.

New findings:

Name of planet – 55 Canceri e.

Size – 2 times bigger than earth.

Atmospheric contents – nitrogen, water molecules, oxygen.

Temperature-higher than earth.

NASA’s new research gives researchers vital information about the exoplanets atmosphere, their temperature variations, energy flows etc. one of the interesting specification is that the density of this exoplanet is similar to that of earth, but it is too rocky in surface.The astronomic journal published a study about this. In this study they explain that the intense heat from host star is too great to exist life. Therefore, planet could not maintain water in liquid form. These findings are based on data revealed by NASA’s Spitzer space telescope. Renyu Hu, astronomer at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory in California says that atmosphere of this exoplanet has many similarities to that of earth or Venus.

There are many debates going on about this topic. Some scientists still arguing that lava flows through the surface of this planet and core has a surplus amount of diamond. Some says that planet will have day and night duration because it’s facing towards the host star- one cool side and one hot side. By the new data from the NASA reveals that how energy flow through the planet and how it radiates back into space. This explains the temperature difference of the planet. Researchers said that planet has a cold side and hot side. The cold side’s temperature is too hot as compared to earth’s temperature.


Cold side average temperature- 1300-1400 degree Celsius.

Hot side average temperature  -2300 degree Celsius.

If there is no atmosphere ,the temperature difference will be more than we imagine.

How scientist reached the conclusion – Spitzer telescope gave the data at june 15- july 15, 2013.with the camera which is designed for viewing and plotting infrared light. Infrared light is invisible to our eyes. It represents the heat energy. Spitzer gave energy flow models, scientists compare the data and the check the variations in brightness of these models. Thus they reached at a conclusion that this exoplanet’s atmosphere has volatile materials that could explain the temperature of the planet, behaviour of atmosphere, the chance of sustainability etc.

The further study is in progress. We hope better always. We expect life outside earth is possible and we will find it…….

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