Top 5 funny movies ever

The Top 5 funny movies ever made. The best movies for a belly laughing, gut wrenching, tear producing, knee slapping good time. These are the Top 5 funny movies that you always end up renting from the movie store if there is nothing new out and will always watch until the credits if you come across them while flipping through the channels.


Top 5 funny movies ever-Top 5 hilarious Comedy Movies of all time

3 laughs/minute

Leslie Nielsen was a dramatic actor before he took on the role of Dr. Rumack in this slapstick film, which forever changed his career and the face of comedy in general. Shot on a relatively tiny budget in 1979, Airplane! spoofed the many disaster movies of the decade and managed to cram a stunning number of jokes into 87 minutes. Lines like “of course I’m serious, and quit calling me Shirley” have been quoted roughly 500,000 times since the movie hit theaters in the summer of 1980. A lot of great slapstick movies followed Airplane and some, like Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad came very close, but none have surpassed Airplane!.

2The Hangover

Top 5 funny movies ever-Top 5 hilarious Comedy Movies of all time

2.4 laughs/minute

The Hangover is one of the top 5 funny movies which will make you jump from your chair from the beginning till end. Todd Phillips’ 2009 film, which became a surprise sensation at the box office and has gone on to spawn two inferior sequels, is a superb comedy, and although some – mainly critics – claimed it was too male-dominated, it’s impossible to deny how funny it is.

The movie sees three childhood friends in their 30s, played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha, head to Las Vegas for Doug’s (the latter’s character) bachelor party. Tagging along with them is Doug’s childlike, unpredictable future brother-in-law Alan, played hilariously in a breakthrough role by Zach Galifianakis.

Things predictably don’t go to plan once they are in Vegas, and after an incredibly heavy night of partying, Doug is lost forcing the other three spend the weekend desperately trying to find their friend. What follows is a hilarious sequence of events, which includes a bizarrely comical turn from former boxer Mike Tyson.

The lead performances are superb, and although Cooper and Galifianakis often get more praise because of their fame, Helms’ uptight dentist Stu Price is understated but as side-splitting as anyone. It’s not the most ingenious premise by any means, but then great comedies don’t have to be.

3Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Top 5 funny movies ever-Top 5 hilarious Comedy Movies of all time

2.3 laughs/minute

Not a lot of people remember the 1982 TV show Police Squad. The hysterical spoof of police procedural shows by the same team that made Airplane! was canceled after just six episodes and seemed destined for obscurity, but six years later they somehow managed to turn it into a movie. The plot revolves around a millionaire’s plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II, but it’s really just an excuse for a series of gags. Of all the movies that followed in the wake of Airplane, this is the one that came closest to capturing that same magic and spirit.


Top 5 funny movies ever-Top 5 hilarious Comedy Movies of all time

1.9 laughs/minute

There are some comedy films that can define a generation of teenagers – The Breakfast Club and American Pie are two that immediately spring to mind – and for many in and around their teens in 2007, Superbad- One of the best top 5 funny movies. Written by Rogen and his long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg – they started writing it when they were just 13 – it is a sweet, uproarious, coming-of-age movie that remains one of the top 5 funny movies of the last 20 years.

The premise of the film is an incredibly simple one. Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) – the characters are named after the writers, in case you hadn’t realised – are two best friends in their final year of High School. Having been invited to a party being attended by cool kids, the two promise to supply the alcohol in the hope of losing their virginity. They spend the entire day desperately trying to be true to their promise, with the help of the geeky, nervous Fogel, played fantastically by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, but things don’t go remotely to plan.

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It may not sound like the most enticing of plots, but the acting by the three leading youngsters is magnificent, and the way they bounce off each other is what makes the film so special. There are hilarious one-liners which are instantly quotable, and the supporting performances of Rogen and Bill Hader, as two clueless cops, are priceless.

The film has great sentimental value, and the friendship between Seth and Evan is genuinely touching at times, while Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin has become one of the most popular comedy characters of the last decade.


Top 5 funny movies ever-Top 5 hilarious Comedy Movies of all time

1.7 laughs/minute

The 2006 picture, which was an enormous success, is one of the cleverest top 5 funny movies you are likely to see.

Borat Sagdiyev is a television personality from Kazakhstan, who is sent to the United States of America to make a documentary on, as he calls it, the “Greatest Country in the World”. He meets unwitting members of the public, including politicians, who have no idea it’s Baron Cohen working his magic, and the results are hysterical.

The film, whose full title is actually Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, was kept quiet by Fox, who didn’t even confirm its existence until a teaser trailer was released. But, once it started to screen for audiences, the hype instantly grew.

The movie angered many of the real-life people, lead to a handful of lawsuits and got Sacha Baron Coen accused of anti-Semitism even though he’s Jewish. It also had everyone around the country saying things like “sexy time” through much of 2006. That eventually got very, very annoying and lead some to conclude that the movie was overrated. It wasn’t. If anything, it’s funnier than you even remember.

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