Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history

Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history. We have seen a lot of movies about Jail breaks or escape from custodies.As long as we have had prisons, we have had prison escapes. These prison breaks are crazier than anything you will see in the movies. Here are the Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history ever.

1The Great Escape
Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history

This daring escape executed during the height of the Second World War was the subject of the 1963 John Sturges movie, The Great Escape.

In January 1943, Roger Bushell led a plot for a major escape from Stalag Luft III, a German Air Force prisoner-of-war camp. The plan was to dig three deep tunnels, codenamed ‘Tom’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Harry’. Each of the tunnel entrances was carefully selected to ensure they were undetectable by the camp guards.

To keep the tunnels from being detected by the perimeter microphones, they were very deep — about 9 metres (30 ft) below the surface. The tunnels were very small, only two feet square, though larger chambers were dug to house the air pump, a workshop, and staging posts along each tunnel. The sandy walls of the tunnels were shored up with pieces of wood scavenged from all over the camp.

Of the three tunnels, only ‘Harry’ was completed. Two hundred men tried to escape out of it on March 24, 1944, only to discover that it was too short; when exiting the tunnel, the prisoners found themselves completely visible and near a guard tower. Because of this and several other setbacks (including an air raid), only 76 men made it out of the tunnel that night. Out of the 76 men, only 3 evaded capture. Fifty men were killed and the rest were captured and sent back.

2Escape from Alcatraz

Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, a maximum-security prison that sits on a tiny island off the coast of San Francisco, US, was billed as a prison that no man could ever escape from.

However, Americans Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, and Frank Morris broke that myth after seven months of meticulous planning.

On June 11, 1962, lifetime criminals Frank Lee Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin escaped from “The Rock”  in San Francisco Bay.To do this, the trio fabricated heads out of a mixture of soap, toilet paper and real hair, and left them in their beds to fool prison officers making night-time inspections, according to the BBC.

Over the course of a year, they had used crude tools to carefully dig a tunnel in their adjacent cell walls that led them to an unused service corridor. From the service corridor, they climbed a ventilation shaft to reach the roof.

The three men then climbed down the roof and scaled a fence and assembled a raft out of raincoats and contact cement they had stolen from the prison’s supplies cache. They pumped up the raft and shoved off from the island at around 10 p.m. Nobody had discovered they were missing until the next morning. The FBI never found any trace of the men on Alcatraz or nearby Angel Island, where they were supposedly headed, according to NPR.

Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history

After a 17-year investigation, the FBI concluded that the three men must have drowned in the bay.

On its website, the FBI refers to the escape plan as “ingenious.”

The famous escape was chronicled in the 1979 film “Escape from Alcatraz” with Clint Eastwood playing the role of Frank Lee Morris.

3The Pascal Payet Escapes

Top 5 Great Jail breaks in the history

Pascal Payet is a James Bond of sorts when it comes to daring escapes. After killing an armored truck driver, Pascal Payet was arrested and sentenced to a 30-year stint in France’s Luynes prison. But Luynes prison had one major flaw in its design that Payet knew how to exploit: it had a sky over it.

The French murderer has gained international notoriety for his role in a series of daring prison breaks that used helicopters as their modus operandi.

Payet’s first escape came in 2001, when he arranged for friends to collect him from the roof of a village prison in a helicopter. Two years later, he orchestrated a rerun of the events to help three more prisoners escape the confines of the jail.

Payet was later caught and sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder in 2005.

By July 2007, Payet was one of the most closely-monitored prisoners in France and was never kept at the same prison for over six months. But despite that, he managed to again break free of the law in 2007 by taking advantage of Bastille Day celebrations to jump into a hijacked helicopter flown by four masked men.

He was re-arrested months later near Barcelona and transferred to a secret location, where he now remains.

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