Top 5 Haunted places in India

Top 5 Haunted places in India. India is a beautiful yet mysterious country that has a lot of secrets and stories of palaces, forts, kings, queens, prince, princess, treasures, battles etc. There are numerous reportedly haunted places of India. But, today we listed here some notable. This is a scariest list of  Top 5 Haunted places in India that are reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings including demons.

1Delhi Cantonment Road

Top 5 Haunted places in India

If you drive at night on Delhi cantonment road, never stop to give lift any woman, especially if she wears white saree. You should be alert, take a deep breath, strengthen your nerve and speed your car a little more. Because she is not from our living world. Waiting just to scare you, to carry you into her world. If you don’t stop, she might run with your car, but surely will vanish after doing some more terrible.

Delhi cantonment road really a terrifying place for those had seen this eerie ghost lady. Many drivers on the night had gone through the nightmare with her memory. More than 100 of people have seen that lady of Delhi Cantt road, 10-12 of them have died.

The lady ghost often appears and disappears in front of the eyes of victims, those who had her experience. They felt she often tried to make them nervous and horrified. Even she knocked the door if the car raises its speed too. Some people claim maybe that lady died in a car accident on cantt road or maybe she was a hitchhiker in her life.

Anyway, everyone in that particular road is strictly advised, not to stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift. With this strange incidence, that area becomes one of the scariest places in Delhi and gets this real Indian ghost story.

2Aarey Milk Colony Mumbai

Top 5 Haunted places in India

Go anywhere you want to, but don’t go Aarey Milk Colony road at night. Some people may laugh at this as rumor, but sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction.

Plenty of green trees and stretches of pastures, in daylight it’s a good area for picnics. Also directors shoot here often. But all of them leave an Aarey Milk Colony area before its getting dark. A very revengeful ghost presence haunts there at night. Many have seen it and others felt strongly.

Many people experienced her ghost and told terrible stories. She stands under a tree and cry loudly. Sometimes asks to ride, whenever drivers stop, they see a lady standing there. Her long hair covers her face. But when she looks at them, it’s not a lady who was crying. Suddenly she changes herself in a violent spirit. But when they run their car at high speed she sometimes runs a long distance with the car and screams to make them nervous.

Sometime  people hear weeping of a lady and little children. When take the turn in front there they see nothing. In some incidents the lady spirit there behaves well until she gets a ride in the car, but then slaps driver and disappears. Aarey Milk Colony is one of the Top 5 Haunted places in India. Generally drivers avoid this road after 10 pm in night.

3Dow Hill of Kurseong West Bengal

Top 5 Haunted places in India
Dow Hill, Kurseong in West Bengal is on the third position of Top 5 Haunted places in India. Especially the corridors of the school and the woods where a lot of paranormal activity has been recorded.A number of murders have taken place in the woods and that has left an eery feeling in the air here.

On the stretch between Dow Hill Road and the Forest Office, woodcutters claim to have seen a headless young boy walking and then disappearing into the trees. Many locals have also heard footsteps in the corridors of Victoria Boys School during the December-March vacation.

Every time a strange uncanny feelings will surround you in the forest. People always feel someone follow him in the forest. Some people told us they have seen a red eye on them for a sudden moment while they was passing in the very dark jungle.

4Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

Top 5 Haunted places in India

Here in the the fourth position of Top 5 Haunted places in India is an old  fort named Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort is so haunted that no one can dare to go there after sunset. Several ghost stories are behind the mysteries of the Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan.

No one is allowed to hangout in the scary Bhangarh fort premises once the sun sets. Therefore, tight restrictions have been imposed at bhangarh fort. you have to leave the fort before dusk.

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Goverment has placed a notice board at the main, which reads that ” visiting the fort before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited and if rules are violated legal action would be taken”.

People often hear strange noises of screaming, crying voice of women, bangles sound in the rooms. There are many reports of weird and scarcely credible incidents like some one’s talking and a special smell is felt.

People have seen ghostly shadow, strange lights, unusual sound of music and dance coming from the Bhangarh fort. Whoever entered in the fort after sunset and stayed there for a night,will not return from the fort next morning.

5GP block Meerut

Top 5 Haunted places in India

GP block Meerut is one of the scariest Top 5 Haunted places in India. People have claimed to see the spirit of a woman sitting on the roof and others have added to see women wearing red clothes getting in and out of the house. It has been always seen that four men sitting inside the house around a table with a single candle lighted in the centre, and having alcohol.

It happens to be most common sight for people passing through that area but few people also added that even they seen the men sitting on the rooftop. The scenes keep repeating all over the house. The house has remained locked for as long as people in the area can’t remember. People don’t tell all these as apparition too. These are clearer than that.

People generally avoid that route stretch lying in the front of the house, and today no one passes by the unidentified yet haunted place.

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