Top 5 Largest Hindu Temples in India

2Sri RanganathaSwamy Temple Srirangam

top 5 largest hindu temples in india

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple of Srirangam is second largest temple in India and is considered as the biggest functioning Hindu temple in the world, as it covers an area of about 631,000 square metres (6,790,000 sq ft) with a perimeter of 4 km (10,710 ft). The temple is enormous in size as the temple complex is 156 acres (0.63 km2) in extent. It has seven prakaras or enclosures. These enclosures are formed by thick and huge rampart walls which run round the sanctum. There are 21 magnificent towers in all prakaras providing a unique sight to any visitor. The temple town lies on an islet formed by the twin rivers Cauvery and Coleroon.

The Srirangam temple complex is composed of 7 concentric walled sections and 21 towers gopuram. The gopuram of the temple is called the Rajagopuram and is 236 feet (72 m) tall, the tallest in Asia. There is a Gopuram fully made of gold, which is protected by electrical fence.

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