Top 5 Powerful Army in the world 2016

This list of Top 5 Powerful Army in the world is subjective at best.  Unless you looked at specific aspects and judged based on that criteria alone, the list cannot be definitive. Armies are considered an important part of a country and its security. Every year, a large fortune is allocated out of the budget for fighting battles. Countries take special initiatives to strengthen themselves militarily.

One can look at a nation’s defense budget or the size of their enlisted members, or combine the two.  Another area for consideration is the amount of armor a nation has inventoried including tanks, helicopters, aircraft and ships.This list of  Top 5 Powerful Army took in a little of all of that, but it is still one perspective looking at the Top 5 Powerful Army  around the world.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Powerful Army with Strongest Millitary Power.


Top 5 Powerful Army in the world-Top 5 Powerful Millitary 2016

France’s military does not have the reputation as a super power, but its numbers would say differently.  Their military totals over 205,000 members spread throughout their navy, air force and paramilitary branches.  All three branches are very well rounded, but many feel their navy is bar far their strongest branch.  France’s defense budget comes in just over $35 billion.  Despite this impressive budget, it still has the smallest number of aircraft and helicopters than any other country on this list.

Power Index: 0.1993
Defense Budget: $35,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 205,000
Labor Force: 29,610,000
Total Aircraft: 1,282
Total Naval Strength: 118



Top 5 Powerful Army in the world-Top 5 Powerful Millitary 2016

India has a more advanced Air Force and very-well trained Special Forces.  They have four branches of military and also additional paramilitary units.  Their active military has more than 1.3 million members.  India has an additional 2.1 million in reserves and their paramilitary has 1.3 million members.  In all, India has more than 4.7 million total members.

Despite their large number of service members, India’s aircraft and helicopter and tank and armored vehicle totals put them  in the 4th position of the Top 5 Powerful Army powers listed here and they do have the smallest naval craft fleet.  Some estimates of nuclear warheads in India’s possession go as high as 110. It is the world’s largest military goods importer.

Power Index: 0.1661
Defense Budget: $44,282,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,325,000
Labor Force: 616,000,000
Total Aircraft: 2,086
Total Naval Strength: 295


Top 5 Powerful Army in the world-Top 5 Powerful Millitary 2016

China’s defence budget officially stands at $126 billion, and, in a relentless drive to invest massively in defence, there is likely to be an increase of budget by 12.2%. It has a formidable size of army, with 2.335 million active frontline personnel and a further 2.3 million reservists, making it the world’s largest land force, along with nearly 25,000 land vehicles. It has another 2,942 aircraft on its air force. China is in possession of about 300 nuclear weapons, alongside 180 different methods of their deployment. China recently acquired sensitive information about the new F-35, and is noted for successfully stealing sensitive military technology. China is rightly among the top 3 armed forces.

Power Index: 0.0988
Defense Budget: $126,272,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 2,335,000
Labor Force: 750,000,000
Total Aircraft:2,942
Total Naval Strength: 714


Top 5 Powerful Army in the world-Top 5 Powerful Millitary 2016

Russia’s defence budget stands at $46.6 billion, and is expected to grow 44% more in the next three years. In fact, the military spending of Kremlin has increased by about a third since 2008, especially since Vladimir Putin took hold of Russia in 2000. The Russian army has shown substantial growth since the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago. It has 766,000 active frontline personnel and almost 2.5 million on the reserve force, though the soldiers receive mediocre training. The man force is backed by 15,500 tanks, making Russia the largest tank force in the world, though it is aging, like the other equipment. The country is the world’s leader, with almost 8,500 active nuclear warheads.

Power Index: 0.0964
Defense Budget: $46,600,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 766,055
Labor Force: 75,330,000
Total Aircraft: 3,547
Total Naval Strength: 352

1The United States

Top 5 Powerful Army in the world-Top 5 Powerful Millitary 2016

The United States spends a whopping $581 billion on the military, more than the other four countries’ budgets combined. It maintains a remarkably large army composed of over 1.4 million soldiers, and a further 800,000 reservists. To complement the active ground force comprising well-trained men and women in uniforms, its biggest advantage is that it is the world leader in aircraft production, with a fleet of 19 aircraft carriers, while the carriers operated by the world together sum up to 12. The US implements cutting-edge technology like the Navy’s new rail gun, and the country also has 7,500 nuclear warheads at its disposal. No wonder it is no.1 military force since WW-II.

Power Index: 0.0897
Defense Budget: $581,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,400,000
Labor Force: 145,215,000
Total Aircraft: 13,444
Total Naval Strength: 415

Thus, the defence budget, man power, air force, navy, etc. together help to determine the most powerful military forces in the world. The countries with strongest armies are the nations that are considered the biggest threats to global security, and these are the nations that also become the heavyweights in global affairs. While the US has projected a formidable military force for a long time, Russia has risen well, and China, too a force to reckon with. These countries clinch the top 3 positions, and the strategies of other countries may gradually make them recognizable forces in the world in a not-so-distant future.

Nuclear capabilities are not included in this calculation. “As the inclusion of such weapons would defeat the purpose of such comparisons”. The placings are based strictly on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air.

Sources:, CIA World Factbook,, public domain print and media sources and user  contributions. Some values may be estimated when official sources are lacking.

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