Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world. Space Research or space exploration is the scientific studies on earth’s outer space which involves advance material science, earth science, physics, mathematics, medicines and biology. There are numerous space organisations working on our planet to explore and find out the mysterious matters present in our space. Each organisation has certain rules and policies regarding their capacity to develop and money spend per year on each space research project. Most of them uses the far advanced tools and technology that has been not used for public yet. In order to find out more lets take a look at the list of  Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world. 

1Indian Space Research Organization-ISRO

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

ISRO (for short) is the Indian government space agency, stands for the Indian Space Research Organisation. ISRO is now considered as the world’s most advanced space research organization having the capabilities of 100% success rate within less budget. It was established in 1969 and their motto is “space technology in the service of human kind.” The agency has conducted various major operations on national as well as international level. They launched first moon mission rocket named as Chandrayaan-1 for moon data exploration.  Their overall year budget is $860 Million.
Moreover, on 24th September 2014, ISRO succeeds in sending spacecraft into Martian orbit on 1st attempt. The total expenditure for this mission was $75 million, making it the most cost-efficient Mars mission ever.

Work Area:

  • Crew vehicle development
  • Technology demonstration
  • Astronaut training and other facilities

Major Accomplishments: 

  • Chandrayaan-1: First mission to moon
  • Mangalayaan: Mars Orbiter Mission
  • Recently, they launched a rocket which deposited a record 20 satellites in 26 minutes
2National Aeronautics and Space Administration-NASA, Unites States

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the united states government agency. It was established in 1958 by Dwight Eisenhower. World’s most space research and exploration efforts have been held by NASA including Skylab, Space Shuttle and the most popular Apollo moon landing mission. The Agency primarily focuses on understanding the Earth by Earth observing system, Exploring bodies of the solar system, astrophysics such as the big bang, advanced robotics mission such as New Horizons. It also shares various experimental information with Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite organisation. NASA is also famous because of dealing with emergency during crucial times and has the possibilities and the power to prevent hazardous outcomes.

Notable space flight projects:

  • Skylab
  • Project Apollo
  • Project Gemini
  • Project Mercury
  • X-15 rocket plane
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test project

Major Programs:

  • Mars Exploration Rovers
  • Mars Exploration Rovers
  • Beyond Low Earth Orbit program
  • Ulysses: Designed to study the Sun
  • Galileo probe: To study Jupiter and its moons
  • Telstar: commercial communication satellite project
  • Pioneer program: designed for planetary exploration
  • Discovery Program: Low cost project to study the solar system
  • Mariner program: Design to investigate Mercury, Mars and Venus
  • Infrared Astronomical Satellite: study entire sky at infrared wavelengths
  • Surveyor program: sent seven robotic spacecraft to the surface of the Moon
3Russian Federal Space Agency-Roscosmos

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos for short) is a Russian government space research agency and general aerospace research. It was established in 1992 and the overall yearly budget is $5.6 Billion. Some of their major projects are: return to the moon (2014), return to Venus (2016), GLONASS (group of 24 different satellites),  new weather satellite, Angara launcher, Mars 500 simulation, etc. The Current mission on which agency is working on are Fobos (Mars mission), Luna (Moon orbiter) and Venera (Venus lander).

Major space missions:

  • The Surface of Venus
  • Manned Mission to Mars
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  • The First Space Passengers
  • Sputnik: World’s first satellite
  • Snowstorm: A Soviet Space Shuttle
  • Multiple Cosmonauts aboard Voskhod
  • Valeri Polyakov: Longest human spaceflight

Other works includes:

  • Military satellites
  • Earth observation
  • Glosnass navigation satellites
  • Advanced Telecommunications and integrated applcation
4China National Space Administration-CNSA

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

China National Space Administration (CNSA for short) is responsible for development and planning of space activities. It was established in 1983, headquartered in Beijing. The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is their primary spaceport. The overall yearly budget of experimentation is $1.3 billion. As of 2012, total 8 Chinese have traveled in space for various projects. FY 2011 and FY 2013 are the major project on which agency is working on.

Major department: 

  • General Planning
  • System Engineering
  • Science, Technology and Quality Control
  • Foreign Affairs

Major Projects:

  • Double Star Mission
  • Kuafu mission satellites
  • Beidou navigation system
  • Space Based ASAT System
  • Deep Impact-style mission
5European Space Agency (ESA)

Top 5 Space Research Organisations in the world

European Space Agency (ESA) established in 1975, is an intergovernmental organisation under 20 European states. It has more than 2k employees and an annual budget of $5 Billion. Agency’s program includes exploration to another planet, moon, human spaceflight through international space station, science, earth observation, telecommunication, spaceport etc. The Ariane 5 operated thought Arianespace with ESA sharing the cost and further development.

Major Activities: 

  • Observing the Earth
  • Launch vehicle fleet
  • Space Situational arrangement
  • ESOC ground system engineering
  • Telecommunication and integrated application

Notable accomplishments: 

  • COROT: Space telescope
  • Mars Express: Space probe to Mars
  • Venus Express: Space probe to Venus
  • XMM Newton: X-ray observatory satellite
  • Artemis: Most advanced telecommunication satellite

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