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Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world. We are social animals where any indecent act can cause discomfort to another thus, to control the animal side of the human he is chained by various rules and regulations, and to implement these rules and regulations prisons and punishment becomes the easiest way.

If you’ve watched ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, you probably have a halfway decent idea about what really goes down in prison. There’s usually an entire social hierarchy within every facility, and the ones at the bottom get the short end of the straw, so to speak. There’s murders, rapes and attacks on prisoners as well as the guards, and corrupt compliance ensures the process goes unchecked. There are normal prisons however, and then there are incarceration facilities that resemble the most bleak and despairing hellholes you can imagine.

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Here are the Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world.

5Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

Among the Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world, Bang Kwang Prison is at the 5th position. It is very confusing to pick up which torture of this prison is worst. It is said that mental stress given is enough to make a person crazy within one month. “Bangkok Hilton” is known for its mental and physical torture. Bang Kwang, nicknamed the Big Tiger, is a prison in Thailand that is most notorious for the brutal atrocities committed against its overcrowded prison population.

Prisoners are served only one meal of white rice a day, and the poor inmates are forced to work for richer inmates or guards if they wish to receive more food. For the first three months, all prisoners wear iron leg shackles. If you find yourself on death row, you will be having the rusty shackles permanently welded to your legs. Being that most of the Thai judicial system upholds the phrase “guilty until proven innocent,” Bang Kwang is home to over 7,000 prisoners despite being built for only a few thousand.

The overcrowding forces prisoners to lie side-by-side in cramped conditions, with most prisoners having to trade off the ability to stretch out. Prisoners are routinely beaten to death, tortured, and sexually assaulted by the guards despite the guards being outnumbered 50:1. Thanks to Thailand’s severely harsh punishments for drug trafficking, Bang Kwang is home to many foreign prisoners and if you find yourself within its walls, you will be serving no less than 25 years. If you manage to survive the prison life itself, you could end up on death row anyway, with over 10% of the prison population awaiting execution.

4Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

Tadmor Prison is at the forth position of Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world. Amnesty International has declared this prison as the “most oppressive prison” of the world. It says that its each and every action is done to torture the prisoners. Executions are said to be done on a massive scale. One instance of the massive execution is done in June 1980, when President Hafez Al-Assad ordered the killing of all the prisoners as retaliation for the attempted assassination on his life by the Muslim brotherhood.

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The massacre programme lasted for 2 weeks which resulted in the death of around 800- 2400 inmates. Guards are famous for their uncontrollable cruel behaviour towards inmates, they have said to cut prisoners with axes, tied up with rope and dragged around to death and even this is not enough they have also been reported to beat the prisoners with metal pipes.

3Carandiru, Brazil

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

At the 3rd position of  Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world, Carandiru, Brazil. Thankfully this is prison you can no longer end up in because it was shut down in 2002 due to the reported atrocities that were committed there. Known by many as the worst prison in all of South America, and possibly one of the brutal  Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world, Carandiru was located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The conditions of the prison were absolutely deplorable, as it was overflowing with both prisoners and diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, and ringworm. Despite up to 20% of inmates testing positive for a terminal illness, medical care within the prison was basically non-existent. Inmates reported the prison as being completely unsanitary with their cells regularly filling up with human waste as the septic systems clogged.

Guards subjected inmates to tortures like electric shocks, beatings, plastic bag suffocations, and sexual abuse. Following a prisoner revolt in 1992, guards flooded the inmates’ cells to suppress the riot and allegedly shot inmates that had already surrendered. This incident resulted in the massacre of 111 inmates altogether.

Unlike most prisons on this list of Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world, the guards weren’t the people you should have been most worried about harming you. The immense overcrowding of 7,000 inmates in a prison only built for 3,000 led to daily uprisings, beatings, sexual assaults, and murders by other inmates. Many claim that the prisoners ran the prison and policed themselves with the guards only being there to make sure no one escaped. All together, over 1,300 inmates died at the hands of guards, other inmates and disease, deeming it one of the deadliest and most dangerous prisons in the world.

2Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

This is one of the most secure prisons in the world and only houses the worst of offenders. Every inmate is in for life. Even though the prison only holds 700 inmates there are over 3000 murder convictions between them in addition to charges of rape, robbery, paedophilia and even cannibalism.

What makes the prison so intense is the absolute overkill security in place at all times. When a prisoner first arrives they are blindfolded right away in order to keep them from learning the layout of the facility. Every time they leave their cells they are blindfold, hand cuffed, and held in a stress position (see above) so that guards have complete control over them at all times. They are also escorted by at least 3 guards and one with a guard dog. For a prison with 700 inmates there are over 900 employed correctional officers.

It doesn’t stop there. The inmates are monitored at all times in their double cells. Each cell has 2 locked doors. A prison cell within a prison cell. Prisoners are not permitted to rest or sit on their bunks from the time they are wake up until it is time to sleep again. They only food they are fed are soup and bread.

One guard is quoted as saying:

“Black Dolphin is a final destination. You can’t go any further. Yes technically there is a way to leave this place, but only one way… the cemetery.”

1Camp 22, North Korea

Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world

Camp 22 is one of the very brutal prison which you can find in this list of Top 5 Worst Prisons in the world. Full reports of the tortures that occur in this detention camp aren’t publicized due to the secrecy of the North Korean government. The camp doesn’t appear on any maps and the government even denies its existence. This hasn’t stopped some of the guards’ stories regarding the conditions there from leaking out. If you find yourself in this prison, you will be there for life.

Inmates, singularly and whole families, are sent to this camp for permanent detention. Little food is given to the prisoners as they must work all day to receive 6 oz. of corn and any other source of meat, like creatures crawling around the prison that must be caught on their own. Prisoners live in rags and squalor, with up to 2,000 dying from poor nutrition and starvation alone. One-third of the prisoners are reported to be disfigured after having their noses smashed, ears chopped off, eyes gouged out, scars or other facial injuries.

All inmates are required to work starting at age six regardless of any injuries or deformities they have, including missing limbs. Prisoners work up to 15 hours a day in the coal mines or agriculture fields without breaks or food. With safety not being the guards’ utmost concern, mine fires and collapses are a common occurrence. If accidents occur while inmates are working, prisoners are left to die and their bodies are later gathered up to be incinerated in the furnace.

Beatings are also a common occurrence for prisoners not working hard enough or fast enough. Methods of torture included water torture, hanging, box-room, kneeling and pigeon torture. Many prisoners are raped and humiliated in addition to the normal beatings. Human experimentation with chemicals, gases, and surgery techniques are commonly tested on prisoners at the camp as well. Following their long days of working, prisoners are also forced to attend self-criticism and ideological classes. While this isn’t a new concept to North Koreans, any sort of contact with the outside world is strictly forbidden.

Over 400,000 deaths are reported to have taken place at this and other labor camps like it, yet mourning for the dead is not allowed. Camp 22 currently houses an estimated 200,000 prisoners, though these claims aren’t substantiated or recognized by the government.



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